About Stealth

Dan Gamito, the fearless leader at StealthPDX

Stealth is a retention marketing consultancy based out of Portland, Oregon. We help forward-thinking B2B SaaS businesses read their customers’ minds to discover hidden growth channels.

Stealth is led by Dan Gamito, and features a rotating cast and crew of brilliant advisors. Things we work on tend to show up in fine places like:


Who the hell is Dan Gamito?

Dan was employee #1 at ConvertKit – a B2B SaaS business that builds marketing automation tools for content marketers. He led the Customer Success team there, which enabled the business to scale from 60 customers, to over 2,000 in 18 months.

Click here to read what Dan’s colleagues had to say about the work he did at ConvertKit.

Dan received three congressional nominations to a federal military academy, where he studied operations, technology, and engineering. His roots as a strategist go back to his first consulting project, where he analyzed maritime supply chains for the US Army Materiel Command (AMC).

In less than a week, he delivered insights which enabled AMC to correct wartime logistical inefficiencies, saving US taxpayers an estimated $20+ million over the course of “Operation Enduring Freedom”. That’s approximately a $0.06 savings on your tax bill (you’re welcome).

Neat, but is he credible?

We certainly hope so! Dan’s work as a marketing strategist spans much of the last decade, with a specialization in B2B SaaS retention marketing in the past couple of years.

“Dan is an enigma. I’ve relied on him as an ‘empath-for-hire’, a coach, a Customer Success expert and also, a trusted advisor.

As far as Customer Success goes, he is a natural. He’s hardwired to help people. He goes above and beyond.

The quality of his work, his deep care for people and empathy truly puts him head and shoulders above his peers. You would expect him to have a huge ego, but he’s equal parts humble and funny.

I would hire him (again) in a heartbeat.”

– Alex McClafferty
Partner @ Glide Consulting
Co-founder @ WP Curve

Also, here are the well-designed logos of a few interesting companies Dan’s had the pleasure of delivering valuable insights to:

glide consulting, llcconvertkitshopgatenateroexpensifydigitaloceanlearnupinmotionnowpbs

You can also visit Dan’s LinkedIn profile, or check him out on AngelList.

Alright, I’m intrigued. What are the next steps?

Good to hear! Book a connect call using the ultra-complex, Internet website form below:

Who is Stealth for?
If you’re a B2B SaaS professional with the inclination (and budget) to bring on a trusted advisor, we can help you minimize the likelihood of churn, and minimize the time it takes for customers to get value from your product. If those are outcomes you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you.

What does the connect call entail?
We’ll spend less than 30 minutes asking you a few strategic questions. This will help us figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. Once we determine which outcomes are most valuable to you, we’ll figure out which of our services (if any) are the best fit for your business.

I don’t operate or work with a B2B SaaS business. Can we still work together?
Probably not, but possibly! The only way to find out is to get in touch.