“Stealth helped us realize we could combat churn without having to change the product, slow growth, or hire a bunch more Customer Success people.”

Let’s work together to figure out what your customers are really trying to accomplish.

What you’ll get:

  1. A presentation with at least 3-5 Truly Actionable, Research-Driven, Insightful Suggestions (TARDIS™) for how to unlock retention growth channels for your business. <- That’s the first, best, and last Dr. Who reference on this website, guaranteed.
  2. This presentation will provide you with guidance on what kind of messaging will have a higher likelihood of resonating with your ideal customers.
  3. If you do nothing but implement these suggestions, you could see meaningful results a hundred times faster. Srsly, a recent client told us ‘we just did more together in two days than I was able to pull off in the past year by myself’, then he literally slapped his own face.
  4. As part of the presentation, you’ll get a private video teardown of your marketing website, or another customer-facing property that you want analyzed. Basically, we’ll compare your existing messaging against our findings, then we’ll provide suggestions for the actual copy you could use to improve the messaging on your site. Your video teardown will be similar, but far superior to, this example.

How we’ll do all that:

  1. We’ll send you some really good questions about your customers, in the form of a survey. Once we get your responses, we’ll book a call with you to run a discovery to fill in the gaps.
  2. After the call, we’ll analyze our findings, prepare the presentation, and walk through it with you live on a followup call.
  3. Once you have a PDF of the presentation, we can do one round of feedback and discussion (the followup call). Our goal is for this conversation to be thought-provoking and entertaining for you.

What success looks like:

  1. You get your presentation within ten business days of our first discovery call.
  2. After receiving the presentation, you feel like you have an unfair advantage in the marketplace (kind of like bringing a lightsaber to a knife fight).
  3. You feel more confident about the direction you’re taking things than you did before we worked together.
  4. If you don’t feel the work is going to provide you with a good return, we’ll communicate with you to make it right (even if that means refunding your cash money).

Next steps:

Does this sound awesome? Shoot Dan an email to get the process started.